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There are many programs offered by the MFD Community Relations Department. The department is committed to community outreach and serving the citizens of the City of Milwaukee. If you would like to take advantage of one of the programs offered by the MFD Community Relations Department, please completely fill out and submit the online Program Request Form. Not all programs can be requested by the public. The program request form lists the programs that can be requested. Request forms will only be accepted for events that are more than 3 weeks away.

Firefighters/EMTs or paramedics talk about their career and what it takes to become a Fire/EMS professional. Emphasis is placed on general fire service recruitment or specific recruitment and information can be provided on our Fire Cadet program.  Preferably, this is offered to groups ages 15 and above. For younger ages please see “School Fire Prevention Program” below.

Older adults today are more active and living longer, with the Milwaukee Fire Department recognizing the value of better health, which equals more independence. This program provides older residents information on the services offered by the Milwaukee Fire Department and additional resources provided by other agencies. The Elder Safe Program is designed for assisted and independent care facilities, religious groups, senior housing facilities, and other organizations whose focus is on education and safety of older adults. Lasting from 30 to 60 minutes, the presentation covers seasonal safety concerns, safe cooking, safe heating, and safe living. Additional emphasis is placed on injury prevention, handling medical emergencies, and preventative health practices for the enhanced quality of independent living. Educators also distribute the “File of Life,” a recognized holder that contains a resident’s medical information that will be necessary should an emergency arise.

The Milwaukee Fire Department takes the health and well-being of the community and its residents very seriously by having Firefighter/EMTs and Paramedics present information and answer questions about the City of Milwaukee EMS system. The MFD provides invaluable information focused on increasing the quality, availability, and effectiveness of community-based wellness programs designed to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance quality of life. The presentations can be tailored to a specific audience such as school-aged children, teenagers, or adults, and is given in schools, places of worship, senior groups, and neighborhood organizations.

The Milwaukee Fire Department stresses, in this program, the importance of emergency planning and preparedness for your facility’s, organization’s, and employees’ safety. Topics covered include preparing for and handling various emergency situations, identifying possible hazard practices, and individuals at possible risk. The MFD Educators will review your current Emergency Action Plan with staff and provide resources for your organization on how to assess safety risks, set up procedures, and maintain a plan that fits the specific needs of the facility. Firefighters can attend a meeting or event to improve any emergency response by becoming familiar with the building, identifying possible hazards, and reviewing your plan to offer advice and answer pressing questions. Businesses large and small should have a plan in place for most disasters, big or small. Several Milwaukee businesses have found great value in the improved communication and insight provided by the Milwaukee Fire Department before an emergency occurs. Emergency Preparedness Plans should include identification of hazards, individuals at risk, location of exits, and exit routes as well as staff responsibilities for continued training. Follow this link for more information on the City of Milwaukee Emergency Preparedness Code.

The Milwaukee Fire Department places a great emphasis on fire prevention education, along with improving the health and quality of life for the city’s residents. Fire education booths are a vital addition to any organization’s health fair or community event. Every year, fire education specialists reach over 10,000 people with important messages on how to stay safe in the home, workplace, and at schools. Active Firefighter/EMTs or Paramedics staff public information booths and answer specific questions and pass out literature to attendees. When requesting this type of program, please be specific in describing the type of event, its purpose, the intended audience, and the primary language spoken by the attendees.

The Fire Extinguisher Safety Training is the perfect time to get some hands-on experience with a fire extinguisher. We invite groups to come and use our facility for this live fire training at the Milwaukee Fire Academy located at 6680 N Teutonia Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209. During the classroom portion, which lasts about 40 minutes, participants are instructed in the use of extinguishers and how to handle other emergencies at the workplace or home. The class then moves outside, where participants have the opportunity to extinguish a live fire under the supervision of trained firefighters in a controlled environment. We recommend 1 extinguisher for every 4 participants. Participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes and pants for this exercise. People with respiratory issues should be aware that this is a live fire exercise that does involve a certain amount of smoke and fine powder from the dry chemical extinguisher. Groups must provide their own extinguishers for this training. There are vendors in the local area that loan/rent “dry-chemical” extinguishers to the public.

An Occupational and Residential Fire safety presentation is given to prepare for when disaster strikes. During these presentations an experienced firefighter will educate your group on what practical steps to take during an emergency. These can include prevention of fires and evacuation during a fire, recommended training, and how to prepare for tornados and other threats. This training is recommended for those in assisted living facilities or living in senior living communities; however, it is open to all age groups that may experience living situations that present specific hazards and unique options in the event of an emergency. Given to school teachers, businesses, etc.

This event is classroom-based and will present children with basic information on what to do when encountering a fire. Topics can include “Tools not Toys”; “Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll”; and “Stay Low and Go.” Discussions include dangers of playing with lighters and matches, having two ways out of your house, having a meeting place, and using 911. Programs are tailored in time and content to the age and needs of the class.
Properly installed child safety seats save lives. The Milwaukee Fire Department Community Relations Division, in collaboration with Safe Kids Wisconsin, will perform car seat installations and safety checks upon request. To schedule an appointment, please fill out the request form.

Every year, thousands of Milwaukee children get the opportunity to experience the Survive Alive House. For those we miss, we bring the experience to you. The Milwaukee Fire Department has a state-of-the-art mobile Survive Alive House Unit, which can be brought to you. This mobile unit gives children the educational experience of escaping from a house fire. Children are given a brief instructional introduction and then are ushered into two separate bedrooms. For a bedroom fire, cinematic smoke is pumped into the rooms and children are given an opportunity to demonstrate how they would get out. For a kitchen fire, our LION BullEx SmartStove offers both visual lights and smoke resembling a stove top and/or oven fire, which can be extinguished using the laser-driven extinguisher. Staying low below the smoke, feeling the door for heat, and yelling for help are all reinforced during these unique learning experiences. Private schools are encouraged to have their students participate in this unique learning opportunity. Community groups hosting large events may make a request for the mobile Survive Alive House. Reservations for the Mobile Survive House are only available May – September and are weather permitting. Other restrictions may apply. This is intended to be an educational experience for the children and their parents.

Frontline Fire/EMS companies are available to give demonstrations of firefighting equipment and discuss fire prevention information to the residents in the areas they serve. MFD engines and trucks are available to make an appearance at local community functions, so your organization or neighborhood group can have the opportunity to interact with your local firefighters without the emergency prerequisite. Firefighters will give tours of the apparatus, put up the aerial ladder, distribute safety information, and answer questions of those in attendance, making your event an educational experience as well. Apparatus exhibitions can be canceled due to inclement weather; if there is a rain date for your event, please include this date in your request. Appearances may be shortened or canceled due to emergency service needs and the apparatus will remain in-service during your event and may need to leave during the event.

A program aimed at counseling young people who have a history of misusing flammable materials. Firefighters/EMTs and paramedics help juveniles and their families understand the destructive nature of fire.

Working with the American Heart Association, the Milwaukee Fire Department will instruct attendees with the steps to take when someone has sudden cardiac failure and collapses. You will learn when to activate the 911 system, the steps to take to provide CPR to the patient until EMS can arrive, and the proper use of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

In collaboration with the Medical College of Wisconsin, Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and call-to-action. It is intended to create awareness that encourages bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.

Gives young people, ages 14-20, valuable insight into the firefighting profession. This allows the individual to decide whether to pursue a greater role in the fire service. By participating in the Junior Fire Institute, the individual will gain personal confidence, learn how to use various tools, develop mechanical skills, and gain greater awareness of personal and fire safety.

Milwaukee Junior Fire Institute
Milwaukee Fire Department

A facility located in an old firehouse at 1615 West Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215. The museum is open the 1st Sunday of each month (excluding holidays) from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, or they give a tour by appointment. Attendees will learn about and see the history of the Milwaukee Fire Department. Fire Safety programs can also be tailored to audiences and can include general fire safety messages, the importance of smoke alarms, the need for 2 ways out, and having a specific meeting place outside.

Milwaukee Fire Department Firehouse Tours

There are 29 firehouses in the City of Milwaukee. Each firehouse is strategically located so an MFD vehicle can reach your home in a very short amount of time. In the event of a non-emergency, you can reach your local engine house in less than 7 minutes if you drive. When visiting your local firehouse, remember that the firefighters are still “in-service” and may be required to leave quickly in the event of an emergency. The Milwaukee Fire Department is able to accommodate firehouse tours for those with physical disabilities at the following ADA compliant firehouses: 12, 22, 35, and 36. Please indicate and ADA need when completing the request form.

Milwaukee Fire Department
Survive Alive House | Milwaukee Fire Department

The Survive Alive House is located at 2059 South 20th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204. Elementary school children are taught home fire safety and safe exit from a simulated burning building. Classes are scheduled subject to vacancies in the MPS programs.

City of Milwaukee residents who live in single-family or two-family homes and are in need of a smoke alarm can call the hotline to have fire department personnel come out and install one for them. The hotline number is: 414-286-8980. Landlords or residents in multi-family apartments with smoke alarm needs or who are requesting inspection information are encouraged to contact the appropriate department by following these Neighborhood Services links Quick Assistance Link (English) or Quick Assistance Link (Spanish).

Engine and Truck Companies in the city are provided with smoke alarms. This program allows fire companies an opportunity to install smoke alarms where needed after an initial call for service has been addressed.

*This program cannot be requested by the public.

FOCUS stands for Firefighters Out Creating Urban Safety. FOCUS is a door-to-door campaign intended to promote fire safety awareness and the proper use of smoke alarms. Firefighters go into their neighborhoods and spread the fire safety message, as well as check and install smoke alarms when needed at no charge in all single- and two-family residences.

*This program cannot be requested by the public.

Established in 1999, this contest is a great way to get the fire safety message out. City of Milwaukee Public and private school students create posters on their interpretation of a given Fire Safety topic. The winning poster is made into a billboard to be displayed during the month of October. Winners are selected, then the winners and their class may receive tickets to sporting events in and/or other prizes. This contest starts in September, and winners are selected by the first week of October (Fire Prevention Week).

*This program cannot be requested by the public.

All media requests, including television, radio, and print should be directed to Lieutenant Lorenzo Williams, Community Relations Director for the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Kid’s Corner

The Milwaukee Fire Department is committed to apprising youth about fire safety and ensuring they are aware of the tactics and techniques to survive a working fire. Through our various MFD youth initiatives and programs, we continue to make children a top priority in an effort to decrease and eliminate fire fatalities. Please read this section of the website, as you will find fire safety and prevention tips, as well as an informative coloring book.

Kid's Corner | Milwaukee Fire Department
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